About the Blog

There are so many wonderful paleo blogs out there (Health-Bent, I’m looking at you!), and some not so great, and this isn’t meant to take the place of either. Instead, it’s a place to highlight paleo recipes that I have tried and that stand out as being really delicious. I’ve been cooking paleo meals for a few years now, and there are some recipes I consistently go back to and others I have gotten excited about, shopped for, cooked up… and then thrown out the results. My goal is to prevent that disheartening moment where you throw something you cooked in the trash (the horror!) by sharing what I’ve found to work and providing a space for you and other readers to post your tried-and-true paleo recipes.

When you’re stuck and can’t think of anything to make for dinner, I want this to be a resource you can click over to for ideas. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to comment with recipes you love!


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